When “No” Really Means No Sale

There will be times when “no” really means there’s no sale to be made. It’s just part of selling. As a sales champion, it’s important to recognize a true “non-selling” situation as early as possible during interactions with others. That’s so you don’t waste their time or yours attempting to move forward in the sales process.

On those occasions when the “no” you hear is truly a final one, you still have a sale to make. This new sale is to win the opportunity to stay in touch with these folks. Their circumstances or needs may change in the future. Your goal, now that you’ve connected with them, is to stay top of mind if and when they need your particular product.

To get their permission to say in touch say something like this: “Sue, I understand that now is not the time for you to consider a product like mine. Should things change in the future, though, I’d like to be the one to serve your needs. May I have your permission to stay in touch with you every now and then? I promise not to be a pest. I’d just like to keep you informed of new developments that might be of interest to you.” Your goal, once again, is to keep the opportunity for the sale moving forward. Getting a commitment to revisit a potential client whose “no” means “not now” does just that.

Even in situations where a potential buyer is not going ahead but has interest, ask for referrals. Just because he or she aren’t in a position to purchase your product doesn’t mean they don’t know someone else who is. If people really do like what you’re selling, they’ll be open to suggesting it to others who might be more likely to make a purchase now. It happens all the time, but only when you ask.

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Overcoming the Word “No”

Everyone sells, one way or another. As parents, we sell our children on our belief systems and our values. In courtship, we sell ourselves to our prospective partners. At work, we sell ourselves every day to our employers and our co-workers.

However, there’s something keeping us from doing the best job of selling in every situation. It’s the fear of rejection. And, rejection most often comes in the shape of one of the smallest words in the English language–“no.” Isn’t it amazing how such a small word can have such a huge impact on us? [Read more…]

Qualification Defined

If I asked a room full of experienced salespeople how many of them qualify their clients, every hand would go up. If I asked that same group to define qualification, the answers would probably vary to the extent that a newcomer in sales would be somewhat confused. If I then asked these experienced salespeople to deliver their qualification sequence to the group, I’d have to guess that many would not be able to do so. Too few salespeople, even veterans, have proven, practiced methods of qualification. And that’s a sad truth. [Read more…]

Overcome the “I want to shop around” Objection

Have you ever heard this from a potential client: “Okay. Well, thanks for the information. I want to shop around and will get back to you if this is really what I want.” Unless you’ve only been in business a day or two, you have.

In most cases what are they really saying to you? They’re saying, “I want to know if I can get it cheaper somewhere else.” It’s usually a money issue when you hear those words. Occasionally, the client will not really be certain that the product meets their needs and be looking for other colors, options, or services along similar lines to what you have offered. [Read more…]

Overcoming the “It costs too much” Sales Objection

If you’ve been in business longer than a week, you’ve probably heard this objection from at least one potential new client: “It just costs too much.” Or, you might have heard it in this way, “I’m really interested but I think I can get it cheaper somewhere else.”

Everyone wants a bargain, but not everyone really believes they can get your product somewhere else for less. And, many who use this line will never invest the time required to shop around for a better price anyway. So, how do you handle this situation? [Read more…]

When Buyers Hesitate

You’ve just invested the last 30 minutes of your day with someone who truly needs your product or service. You feel like you’re on a roll. That your product is truly good for them and they can afford it.

It began when they explained what they were looking for when you first met. They answered all of your questions about their more specific needs. They listened intently to your explanations, watched your demonstration carefully, handled the product, selected colors or sizes that would work for them. Basically, they seemed very involved and moving toward the purchase. Then, the brakes went on. They just stopped. Then, they started hedging, asking questions you had already answered and physically backing away either by sitting back in their chair, crossing their arms or literally leaning or stepping slightly backwards.

What happened? [Read more…]

You Won’t Overcome All Sales Objections

In the business of selling products and services, you’re bound to hear objections or concerns that interfere with or slow down the sales process. When it comes right down to it, most objections or concerns can be addressed or overcome. Usually, it’s just a matter of clarifying information about the product. Sometimes it can involve switching gears to another product entirely, but most challenges can be overcome. [Read more…]