Blog Survey Results

042BZC01Our blog survey results are in!

Recently, we decided to use our own strategy of asking just a couple of survey questions of our clients to get some feedback … possibly on how to change course in our direction and serve them better with this blog. We asked three questions, but rather than limiting the answers to one per question, we offered multiple options, which provided a ton of information. And, we included a comments/suggestions option for those who wanted to expand upon their multiple-choice answers.

Our first question was “What day of the week would you prefer to see a new blog post?” The largest percentage of respondents (33%) chose Monday. We had been posting on the blog on Tuesdays. Only 5% of our blog subscribers chose that day. Hmm. Looks like we missed the boat on serving the majority, didn’t we? We are re-vamping our blog postings … and guess which day of the week we will now be posting?

Our second question was about content. “Which topics would you most like to see covered?” The percentages were pretty close for “Addressing Concerns/Handling Objections,” and “Prospecting.” Running at third place was the topic of “Presentations.” As we move forward with our blog editorial calendar you’ll see more of those topics covered.

Our third question was about whether or not to continue with guest blog posts. We had been including them on the last Tuesday of the month for a while, but noticed a low rate of response to them. (Reference our first question results above.) Our respondents overwhelmingly enjoy the guest posts (79%) because they know I only include posts from people I trust in the training world. I will continue to request posts from others speakers, authors and trainers that I know.

The greatest wealth of information gained from the blog post survey were suggestions for 33 topics for new content! I can’t thank the respondents enough for this input. It’s easy to sit here and say, “We haven’t covered this … or that” but to know for certain what our clients need does what, Champions? It tells us what they want to “own,” doesn’t it?

When is the last time you’ve conducted a survey of your clients? If it’s been a while, it’s time to develop a simple survey that you can do by phone, in person or via email. Use a mix of open and closed questions to gather information … and don’t overwhelm yourself by sending it to 50,000 clients. If you have a large number of clients, break them down into smaller groups and ask questions specific to their use of your product or service. You’ll get better information.

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